Morgan Brown

An inbox hack I learned from Neil Patel & Hiten Shah


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A few months ago on back-to-back days, I received invites from Hiten Shah and Neil Patel to join two groups on LinkedIn. One was about online marketing and one was about product development. Knowing that the two are friends and co-founders of multiple companies–not to mention brilliant marketers–the move caught my attention.

I asked Sean if had been invited to the same groups, and indeed, he had been. I asked him, “What do you think they’ve figured out about LinkedIn?” After all, it wasn’t coincidence that they both implemented the same tactic within a day of one another. There had to be a good reason.

When Neil spoke at our Growth Hacking Conference in London in October of last year, I had a chance to ask him. He told me what I’m about to share with you…

People join groups all the time on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn sends those group members a daily digest email of all the posts and discussions that take place within the group. If you belong to a group, you know the emails of which I speak.

Because of LinkedIn’s incredible email deliverability and nature of the email (an update, not a marketing message), most of those emails head straight to the inbox, they don’t typically land in the promotional tab. Even better? Because it’s LinkedIn email, most people don’t unsubscribe. It’s just one of the emails that they get from an important site that they use frequently.

The best part is that it’s super-easy to join a group on LinkedIn. It’s just a click of a button. No need to give your email address or subscribe to a new list.

I hope you see where I’m going here…

Neil and Hiten both knew that if they had groups on LinkedIn, they would have direct inbox access to all of the group members, with a single-click opt-in and very low unsubscribe rates. They built highly-targeted, scalable email lists right under everyone’s nose.

I hadn’t written about this yet, but when I saw this post on the other day, I thought it was worth sharing with you.

If you have a targeted group of people who use LinkedIn, creating or taking over a group, can be a really powerful way to add a new channel of distribution for blog posts, discussions and more that get straight to the inbox.

Let me know if you’ve used this technique or do so in the future!

  • Ha Vo

    Thnx Morgan for sharing.

    I do … it’s part of why I promoted people to try to get people to sign up with Facebook / Linkedin / etc. for many years now. Especially to freelance consultants.

    Profiles are already authenticated, no need to confirm account creation and another aspect:
    – people have different apps already installed of those social networks
    — also their alerts
    – they probably also have a different attention level for Facebook / Linkedin
    — probably better than e-mail

    So when your message goes through that system you get these benefits on top, you access different behaviour and the power of the big guys like Facebook / Linkedin that already take huge effort to have their time of day in their users busy schedules.

    Let’s face it … probably 99.9% of other companies cannot beat the relationship users have with FB / Linkedin. So why not use their power?

    A while ago I advised freelance advisers to create personal groups to give free advice to people, building their reputation and allowing them to easily ask people to introduce other people in Linkedin.

  • Jimmy Daly

    This is so damn smart. Thanks for sharing Morgan.

  • Pete Stepan

    Extra tip:

    If you own the group, once a week, LinkedIn gives you the option to send an announcement to EVERY member.

    The update lands directly in the member’s inbox and the owner has full control over the content and links.

    This is a great way to reach a large targeted audience with your own content.

    For all the group owners out there here’s how to create your weekly announcement:

  • Lolly Spindler

    Yes we’ve been using this tactic for some time. Here’s our group: 41K inboxes and counting!